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Interfyl® is human connective tissue matrix that fills in seamlessly—wherever you need it to go.

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What Is Interfyl?

Interfyl is human connective tissue matrix (CTM) derived from the placenta of a healthy, full-term pregnancy. It is used by a variety of medical specialists to fill soft tissue deficits resulting from wounds, trauma, or surgery.

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What Makes Interfyl Unique?

Interfyl is the only CTM filler derived exclusively from the chorion layer of the placenta, a substance that provides structural support while maintaining its elasticity. Interfyl is available in two formulations that offer medical specialists the flexibility to address a myriad of medical, surgical, and tissue deficit situations.

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Where Can I Use Interfyl?

Interfyl is suited for a variety of surgical and wound applications where there is a need to replace or supplement damaged or inadequate integumental tissue.

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